Tips to clear any blocked drains

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how to clear blocked drain

What caused the blockage in the first place will determine how you clear your blocked drain. There are plenty of home remedies to choose from. You may find that you need to try them all out before calling on a drain specialist.

Boiling water

Boiling water is useful for tackling blocked drains caused by grease, conditioner, and some other kinds of toiletries. This is because these substances have a low melting point, and the extreme heat helps to break them up. Boil a kettle with water and pour it down the drain to shift the blockage.

Natural cleaners

You can use some natural cleaners to create a fizzing effect that breaks drain blockages apart. Try pouring hot water down the drain, then follow it with one cup of bicarbonate of soda and a cup of vinegar. Leave it for ten minutes, then chase it with more hot water. A combination of the hot water and the natural cleaner mixture can break blockages up.

Caustic cleaners

Some stores sell caustic cleaners that take stronger action against drain blockages. It dissolves grease, fat, and oils, making it ideal for tougher blockages. Always follow the instructions on the packaging and ventilate the room before starting.


As a simple yet effective tool, plungers can help to dislodge local blockages. They work by forming a seal around the plug hole, followed by a vacuum effect that removes the blockage.

DIY drain snake

You can make a DIY drain snake out of any thin metal wire, such as a coat hanger. Leave a hook at the end of the snake and insert it into the plughole. Try using it to fish out local blockages made of hair. This approach is most effective in showers.

Plumbers drain snake

Plumbers drain snakes are advanced tools that only a professional should use. They delve further into your pipes and can remove blockages from deep within the system. We usually reserve these tools for difficult clogs that everyday methods can’t tackle.


When snaking isn’t doing the trick, we can use CCTV to identify where the clog is and how extensive it is. This usually involves inserting a camera along with a tool that’s similar to a drain snake. We then assess the severity of the clog and form a plan for removing it.

Hydro jet

Hydro jets use intense and sharp bursts of water to remove debris and other substances from pipes. Sometimes we need to follow this approach using other drain blockage removal techniques, but it’s a dependable way to remove the bulk of the problem.


In the case of severe drain blockages, excavation is necessary. This involves digging around the drain so that we can repair or replace some of the pipework. Although this type of approach isn’t always necessary, it can save the rest of your pipework from extensive damage.

Pipe relining

When your pipes are damaged because of a prolonged blockage, pipe relining is an efficient and effective alternative to full pipe replacement. We use flexible tools and resin to reline the pipe after we’ve removed the offending blockage.

Blocked drains happen for lots of reasons. While some are obvious, others you may not even think of. When you notice tell-tale signs such as gurgling noises, slow draining, and foul smells, try using some of the home remedies we’ve suggested. If they don’t work, it’s time to call on a drain specialist.

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