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Gain confidence with over 50 years life expectancy on new pipe re-lining
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Most pipe re-lining jobs are completed within 1 day. Reach out to blocked drain plumber Sydney today.
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NO dig Pipe Restoration

4x stronger than regular PVC pipes and No digging is required for unblocking drainage.

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    We are a family-owned drain specialist business based in Sydney. We service locally in the Sydney region area and specialise in unblocking drains.
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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    What pipe size is recommended for relining ?
    You can reline pipes that ranges from 50mm to 250mm in diameter. In terms of the length of the pipe, a pipe with a length upto 50 meters can be relined.

    Is pipe relining expensive?
    No, pipe relining is comparatively cheaper as compared to the traditional methods such as pipe replacement and repairing the pipe.

    Why is pipe relining better than pipe replacement ?
    Here's why pipe relining is better than pipe replacement :
    -No digging or excavation required
    -Less cost
    -Can be done in lesser time
    -Effective than other methods

    Do you provide a guarantee on your pipe relining jobs?
    Yes, we do provide a 35 year guarantee for all our pipe relining jobs.
    Can you reline bends and junctions?
    Yes, pipe relining can be used to reline bends and junctions.

    What types of pipes can be relined ?
    Pipes made of any material can be relined including PVC, Copper, Cast Iron, Clay and concrete.

    What are the signs of a blocked drain?
    The signs of a blocked drain are as follows :
    -Foul Smell
    -Water overflow
    -Gurgling noise
    -Slow draining of water
    What are the causes of blocked drain?
    The most common causes of blocked drains are :
    -Tree roots
    -Sanitary products
    -Oil & Grease
    -Mineral, soap or dirt build-up

    What you'll experience

    Don’t dig up your yard or driveway. Take advantage of the latest Pipe relining Solutions. This new German technology has now been introduced to Australia. At Sydney Drain Surgeons we provide a NO DIG or Destruction solutions for as blocked drains, collapsed and broken pipes, blocked sewers and pipes damaged by tree roots, storm water pipes and many more.

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    Using our state of the art technology we perform CCTV Drain camera inspections to locate the blockage or damage pipe, we clear the pipe using high pressure jetting equipment and prepare the pipe for re-lining. There is no digging, or excavation required. A new pipe is simply inserted through the old pipe and it creates and new pipe within that is 4x stronger than standard PVC pipes.

    The next time you experience a blocked drain or pipe DON’T DIG! Consider relining your pipes with Sydney Drain Surgeons.  Call Blocked Drain Plumber on 02 9158 3564 or Get your Free Quote online today for pipe relining Sydney services.

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    We offer a 35 year guarantee on all pipe relining jobs

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