What can CCTV Drain Cameras detect?

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With drain cameras coming into play in the plumbing industry, all the guesswork has been eliminated giving way to accurate diagnosis of the issues. Here are the scenarios when drain cameras are useful:

Potential Plumbing issues:

The drain camera can assist in determining the present state of the pipes and sewer lines, as well as the materials utilised in your home's plumbing system. This will enable you to anticipate problems and save you from incurring high maintenance fees.

Plumbing from the past:

Using a drain camera, it is possible to evaluate plumbing from the past and do follow-up inspections. After we finish the job, we give customers a free CCTV drain camera inspection.

Block drains:

The location and source of the blocked drain can be determined with the help of the drain camera. With a CCTV drain inspection, the particles that are blocking the drain, such as tree roots, foreign objects, or materials, can also be found. The plumber can also offer a suitable fix to the issue with the live-feed.

Inspection of pipe relining

The pipe relining work can be inspected with the drain camera immediately after the work or a few days after the work had been done to the pipe has been cleaned and repaired. You can also check if the new pipe is fitted to the old one in the pipe relining process.

cctv drain camera inspection sydney

Working of CCTV Drain Camera:

In order to pass through the pipe, a long rod with a CCTV drain camera attached to it is used. The rod is then placed inside the drain or pipe. To identify any issues, assess the pipe's condition, and pinpoint its precise location, one can examine the live feed of the pipes on a monitor. The pipe's bends and curves can be traversed by the drain camera. In order to give a clear picture of the pipes, they also have lightning features.

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