Tips for reducing shower water use

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Water is a vital natural resource that is becoming more and more scarce. One of the biggest areas where water is wasted is the shower. Experts claim that by using water wisely, up to 50 litres per person per day can be saved. Here are some tips for water conservation in the shower:

Use a showerhead that conserves water

An average shower head uses about 19 litres of water per minute, which translates to a yearly water use of 36,000 litres for a daily shower of five minutes. You can switch to a showerhead that uses 9 litres of water per minute or less. A shutdown feature on shower heads also reduces the water flow when you soap up or lather your hair.

Reduce the length of your showers

The amount of water consumed in the shower depends on how long it is. In a regular shower, about 12 litres of water are utilised every minute. The equivalent of 22,000 litres would be saved yearly by using 5 minutes as opposed to 10. By having shorter showers, water waste will be decreased.

reduce shower water

Utilize the cold water

It's common practise to let the water drain while it heats up. Instead of using hot water, you can collect cold water in a bucket and use it to wash your hands, soak/wash objects, and water plants and the garden.

Turn off the water when it's not essential.

To save water, it is best to turn off the shower while using soap, shampoo, or shaving.

Avoid using the bath

A bath requires 50 to 150 litres of water to fill. You can save more water by choosing to take a shower rather than a bath.


Water conservation is now more important than ever. You could help by making some small changes to your shower routine.

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