Remove Tree Roots

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Why do Tree roots block drains?

Tree roots are one of the most common causes of blocked drains in Sydney. Although tree’s add beauty and shade to our homes, their root systems can cause a lot of  damage to underground stormwater and sewer pipes. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that they have tree roots in their drain pipes, until it is too late. In most cases, by the time the blockage occurs, they've already created an issue inside and can cause sewage to flow back into your home.

Tree roots flourish in drains! The moist conditions give the tree roots the right nutrients for optimum growth. The flowing warm water  also helps the roots make their way inside the pipes. Old pipes that crack allow tree roots to enter, and will then take over the sewer pipes completely. Over time the roots will hold onto material passing through the pipes that will eventually block the entire pipe. This will then back up the main sewer line and end up flooding your home, posing a health risk and damage to your property. 

Signs of a blockage:

  1. Water is slow to drain
  2. Gurgling noises from the toilet or sink.

Contact a drain specialist if these problems persist. Sydney drain surgeons are here to service you 24/7. Give us a call on 0291583564.


How the tree roots will be removed

1. High-pressure jet blasting

This is the quickest and most affordable method available, but not a permanent solution. In approximately 90% of cases, Jet blasting will successfully temporarily clear drains for up to 12 months. Jet blasting uses a high-pressure water blaster which clears the entire length of the pipe. A CCTV camera is also used to detect where the blockage is exactly occurring. Unless the pipe is repaired or replaced, trees will always find their way back in. Annual jet-blasting maintenance is a fantastic option for affordability and convenience.

2. Pipe relining

Before the pipe can be relined, it needs to be assessed by a CCTV drain camera to make sure that this is the right option for removing the tree roots coming back permanently. If it can be done, then the high-pressure jet blaster will be used to clean the pipe before work commences. Relining old pipes involves inserting a piece of inflatable tubing into the pipe and inflating until it lines the inside of the pipe. The tubing is soaked in epoxy resin that makes sure the tubing fastens to the pipe. Pipe relining will not cause any damage to your property.

 3. Excavate and replace damaged pipes

This includes replacing the damaged section of the pipe where the tree roots are entering which involves excavation on your property. This is the only option if your pipes have collapsed or are extensively damaged. The old pipes will be replaced with durable PVC pipes which will last a lot longer than the old ceramic or metal pipes.

The cost of replacing the old pipes and excavating your property all depends on where the damaged pipe is located, and how many meters of pipe needs replacing. 

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