Pipe relining vs Pipe replacement

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Stormwater and sewer pipes over time become more susceptible to leaks and damage due to many factors.

The final outcome of pipe relining and pipe replacement is the same -  to ensure the plumbing system in your home or business is fully functional and able to withstand the pressure of regular usage. These services however provide totally different methods.

Drainage excavation requires a team of plumbers or drain experts to dig up your yard to locate the damaged pipe and replace it. This method can be messy, noisy, inconvenient, takes days and can affect the foundations of your home if too close to house

Pipe relining vs Pipe replacement

Pipe relining, however, is a no-dig method for pipe repair. Only a small entry hole is required to access your pipes by a pipe relining specialist. Here at Sydney Drain Surgeons, we are the experts in pipe relining Sydney. Our expert technicians have an abundance of experience in completing pipe relining work and strive for the high quality of the work we deliver. Our pipe relining Sydney service is affordable, effective and efficient.

Pipe relining is an innovative plumbing solution to repairing broken or cracked pipes from the inside without digging them up or replacing them. This means no mess or extra expenses like demolishing retaining walls or concrete driveways. Pipe relining is a lot more affordable and effective when it comes to repairing your damaged pipes. Pipe relining is extremely durable and effective when it comes to reinforcing your damaged pipes. It is a strong material that ensures a sturdy pipe. Pipe relining will last for well over 20 years.

We undertake CCTV Drain camera inspections to detect the blockage or damaged pipe, clear the line with high-pressure jetting equipment, and prepare the pipe for relining using our cutting-edge technology. There is no need for digging or excavation. A new pipe is simply fitted into the old pipe, resulting in a new pipe that is 4 times stronger than normal PVC pipes.

For all enquiries regarding pipe relining or for an inspection call us on 02 9158 3564, you can request a quote here.

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