Benefits of CCTV Drain Camera Inspections

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Why CCTV Drain Camera Inspections ?

CCTV Drain Camera is now being used to perform accurate pipe inspections in the drains, sewers and other pipelines which has revolutionized the plumbing industry. This technologically advanced instrument renders high-quality images and videos that can help in uncovering the problems in the pipelines. 

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How does it work?

The camera located at the end of a cable is sent down the pipes of the drainage system. The live footage is then transmitted back to the monitor on the surface to be examined by the experts to diagnose and evaluate the problem.

Here are the benefits of using CCTV Drain Cameras:

  • The CCTV cameras eliminate the guesswork involved in the diagnosis of the pipeline issues. With the camera’s live feed, accurate diagnosis of the problem can be instantly done.
  • There is no need for excavation and destruction of above ground structures for diagnosis as with the traditional methods that will increase the expenses with the digging.
  • The accuracy and efficiency of the diagnosis improved with the CCTV cameras without having to rely on assumptions.
  • The safety of the workers is increased as they do not have to enter into any hazardous areas.
  • The exact location and the depth of the blockage can be identified with the cameras. Potential problems that may arise in the future can also be identified with the early intervention into the pipelines.
  • The overall costs of identifying and fixing the problem are reduced as the process becomes much simpler and hassle-free.

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